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Dillavou Genealogy

Are all the Dillavou's in America related?  Yes.  I believe we are.  Research has shown that only one Dillavou arrived from France.  He died not too long after (kicked by a horse?), but he had a son who survived.  Seems to me there are a lot of Dillavou's in the U.S. who can say "We're all related".  Just read through our Guest Book and you'll see what I mean. I understand there use to be huge Dillavou family reunions in Iowa.  Wouldn't that be great if we could all get together sometime? 

Steve Baggs (his great-grandmother was a Dillavou) has spent over 20 years researching Dillavou family genealogy.  In an effort to create a central repository for sharing our history, and also as a means to preserve it, Steve has offered to provide the information to me and I'll post it on this page to share with all of you.  What a generous offer!  It is certainly very interesting reading.  Steve says, "I've done my best to confirm and verify all data.  Genealogy is not an exact science--we try to rely on the preponderance of evidence, but are always subject to primary or secondary factual evidence with corrections."  Contact Steve at if you have questions about your genealogy and perhaps would like to have your family history posted here.

“Kendrick Township –Grandma Dillavou had the misfortune to lose her faithful old driving mare one day last week. Everyone in Kendrick township knew old "Pet" as they have seen grandma drive her to town and church for a number of years. She was 23 years old. Fifteen years ago old Pet was taken to California, but when her owner decided to come back to Iowa, Pet was also brought back, and 7 years ago she was taken to South Dakota, staying one year, she again brought her back to the old home in Kendrick, where she had been kept on the farm. Everyone in the neighborhood will miss seeing grandma and her faithful old mare. Death was caused by sunstroke.” [Article probably from the Jefferson (Iowa) Bee, abt. 1912-13.

Note: Old “Pet” belonged to Nancy C. (Beck) Dillavou, who died in 1920.]


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